Who are we?

Bethany Felton UMC is a small town church, whose vision of faith is that of action. We wish to serve those in need in our congregation and our community.

Pastor Mike Koplitz

May the grace and love of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ be with you and welcome to Bethany Felton church. We are a family oriented welcoming and loving community of disciples of Jesus Christ. I am Pastor Mike Koplitz and would love the opportunity to offer you a hardy welcome. Bethany Felton church is filled with warm, friendly and welcoming people who care about their community both inside and out. Whether you are a believer or if you are seeking to learn about God let us be your pathway. Either way please come visit us and allow us to share God's love with you. We look forward to meeting and sharing God with you.



Back Pack Lunches:    The Joel Committee is collecting these items for Community Reach’s Kids Café Summer Outreach.  This program provides food to approximately 100 registered children.  Please place your donated items in the baskets in the back.  Monetary donations are also welcome. 

re also welcome. 

Granola Bars

Sm Bowls of Cereal

Sm applesauce cups

Sm Jell-O cups

Sm Pudding Cups

Sm Juices

Snack Crackers

Sm boxes of raisins

Microwavable items:  Ravioli, SpaghettiO

We offer many opportunities for worship, fellowship, service, and discipleship. Here are just a few:

Compassion York

Three to four times per year, the people of Bethany Felton gather donations to prepare a meal for the homeless of York, PA. Along with preparing and serving a hot meal, extra brown bag lunches are made to give to each person. Individuals from across the generations are invited to participate in this meaningful time of service.  This ministry has been extended to giving out donations of clothing, blankets and toiletries.

Joel Committee

Bethany Felton Joel Committee collections donations for the back pack lunches provided by Community Aid in Red Lion, collects winter garments and supports the local Servants program.

For more information on these and other ministries, please contact the church office.

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